Display Stand material how to choose, these categories you must be clear!

Display Stand material types are: wood, stone, metal, glass, ceramics, paint, plastic, synthetic materials, binders, hardware products, textile materials, hardware and accessories, the following are common.

1、Wood materials
Roughly divided into three kinds.
Hardwood materials, softwood materials, synthetic wood materials materials .
Hardwood materials: willow materials, nanmu materials, fruit tree materials (pear), white wax, birch materials (neutral).
Features, obvious pattern, easy to deformation damage. Suitable for furniture, do veneer finishing materials, high price.
Softwood materials (white pine, red pine) paulownia, aspen.
Features, do the structure, wood material square, poor corrosion resistance, poor bending resistance, can not do furniture.
Synthetic wood materials: exhibition industry to synthetic panels.

2 stone materials
Stone materials are mainly granite (the highest hardness, fine pattern, commonly used to do the finish), marble (not high hardness, pattern large), lapis lazuli, hair stone, cobblestone, rain stone.

3、 Metal materials
Metal materials are mainly iron, stainless steel, aluminum materials, etc.

4、 Glass materials
Glass materials are mainly tempered glass, super white glass, frosted glass, clear glass, etc.


Second, Classification of Display Stand
According to the different materials, the showcase can be divided into metal, wood products, glass and baking paint type.

1、Metal system
Metal showcase is more modern, metal showcase is more practical value, metal showcase is more durable, so metal showcase is the leading product of modern showcase. Metal since thousands of years ago is very popular, people mostly use metal jewelry to reflect the noble temperament.

2、Wooden products
Wooden showcase shelves: mainly from environmentally friendly wood panel material, with a special fireproof board plus a variety of decorative materials and glass cover assembled. For some more valuable jewelry, clothing, precision instruments, cell phones and a variety of computer-type goods used shelves. There is no fixed standard, according to the demand of goods and ground location, can do standard shape or shaped display cabinets.

3、Glass system
The glass system can be divided into light glass showcase, loft type glass showcase and gallery type glass showcase. Glass because of its simplicity, crystal clear characteristics and look extra beautiful, glass showcase display effect picture brought to our feeling, to the whole store to create a kind of ice glitter texture, let people bright, refreshing, ice cool to the extreme.

Post time: Jan-07-2023