RFID tag technology, modularization and other technologies have been all realized on the display stand

In fact, our company has applied for a patent for the RFID tag induction display stand in the early years, but compared with the early induction display stand, today this display stand has new advancements in switching speed and technology.

The left side is our new RFID tag display stand

RFID technology is already a very mature technology in our country. Tag size is very small, and it can be pasted on the bottom of the product at will, placed in the corresponding sensing area, and then it can operate.

Carrying this technology on the display rack is a good connection between the products we want to display and the whole display rack, they are no longer two separate individuals. Using RFID label technology, sticking this label on the bottom of the product will not affect the aesthetics of the product, and when consumers pick up the product, the screen will play the corresponding product introduction video, which can increase the communication with consumers. Consumers may stop by because of novelty or dynamic display, thereby increasing sales and publicity. And the product video switching between different products can reach 1 second, which can quickly grab the attention of consumers.

IMG 2 (1)
IMG 2 (2)

Furthermore, we can also collect consumer data within the scope permitted by law and upload it to the cloud to facilitate our future data statistics and review.

In addition, the replacement cost of RFID tags is very low. It is suitable for most products. Except for metal products that need to be replaced with exclusive metal tags, the tags of other products are basically universal, which means that the cost of merchants can be reduced. When changing products in seasons, we only need to change the corresponding tags and videos, and then we can carry out the promotion.

A label can cause interaction between products and consumers, can reduce the cost of merchants, can collect data, and most of the products can be used in common. This is the new place and new progress of this product.

Post time: Feb-23-2022